What is the RGPD?

Article written by Jean-François Arrouy of A2Rmicro on January 15, 2020

Direct link: https://a2rmicro.net/le-rgpd/

This regulation has been in effect since May 2018.

As any new regulation its implementation for companies and especially very small ones is time-consuming, it is often relegated to the background.

The problem arises, as always with regulation, when the company is not in good standing when its liability is called into question. It can be very expensive.

Plan to set up a document called the RGPD registry to identify the personal data processings implemented in your company as a processing manager.
Centralized and regularly updated, it allows you to meet the requirement to keep a registry provided by the RGPD.

As an A2Rmicro data protection specialist can assist you in implementing this regulation.

Here's how:

  • Inventory of personal data processing (Customer, patient, employee file with Payroll Software, cash and/or management software, personal data backups for a backup provider)
  • Implementation of the RGPD registry from the model provided by the CNIL
  • Information from the public concerned