Alexandrine Souchaud: pianist, author, composer

A special request, it was one… Making my sister's website was a real challenge for me and writing an article about her – although short – requires me an almost superhuman effort (yes yes let's not be afraid of words) to find the right terms and that she does not feel uncomfortable, because her humility is as great as her talent. For his website, started last May, I wanted to create something harmonious and that could reflect his sensibility.

After studying music in conservatory for practice and at the University of Paris Sorbonne for theory, his compositions reflect in every way the diversity of his field of creation. At his request, I created a "One Page" site so that all the information was visible on a single page. It was she who provided me with all the photos, texts and soundtracks that I was then able to arrange so that the visitor could discover his biography (in the "portrait" section), his journey, his compositions and a contact form.

Alexandrine is a piano teacher in Haute-Garonne (around Fonsorbes) and is currently in the process of recording a solo piano album. Its website will soon evolve and you will be able to discover new compositions and photos of the recording in the studio!To access the Site of Alexandrine Souchaud